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ISCApad #267

Thursday, September 10, 2020 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-5 (2020-09-15) ADReSS challenge, Shanghai, China (UPDATED)

Due to the COVID19, INTERSPEECH 2020 has new dates: 26-29 October 2020 

Call for Participation:


Alzheimer's Dementia Recognition through Spontaneous Speech:
The ADReSS Challenge at INTERSPEECH 2020 (Sep 15-18, Shanghai, China)

Dementia is a category of neurodegenerative diseases that entails a
long-term and usually gradual decrease of cognitive functioning.  While
a number of studies have investigated speech and language features for
the detection of Alzheimer's Disease and mild cognitive impairment, and
proposed various signal processing and machine learning methods for this
prediction task, the field still lacks balanced and standardised data
sets on which these different approaches can be systematically compared.

The ADReSS Challenge has made available a benchmark dataset of
spontaneous speech, which is acoustically pre-processed and balanced in
terms of age and gender, defining a shared task through which different
approaches to AD recognition in spontaneous speech can be compared.

We invite researchers working on speech and language analysis methods
for detection of AD and/or assessment of cognitive status to develop or
test their approaches to these tasks on the ADReSS Challenge dataset,
and to submit a paper for presentation at INTERSPEECH'2020, in the
Challenge's special session.

The relevant dates are:

*  January 24, 2020: ADReSS training data available
*  March 15, 2020: ADReSS test data made available
*  March 17, 2020: Period for submission of results opens
*  March 30, 2020: *INTERSPEECH'2020 paper submission deadline*
*  June 19, 2020: Paper acceptance/rejection notification
*  September 15-18, 2020: INTERSPEECH'2020, in Shanghai, China.

For further details please see

 - Saturnino Luz, Usher Institute, The University of Edinburgh
 - Fasih Haider, The University of Edinburgh
 - Sofia de la Fuente, The University of Edinburgh
 - Davida Fromm, Carnegie Mellon University
 - Brian MacWhinney, Carnegie Mellon University

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