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ISCApad #267

Thursday, September 10, 2020 by Chris Wellekens

3-1-5 (2020-10-25) Cf Tutorials Interspeech 2020, Shanghai, China (UPDATE)
Call for Tutorials

Important Dates
? Submission deadline: April 3, 2020
? Acceptance/rejection notification: May 3, 2020

INTERSPEECH conferences are attended by researchers with a long-term track-record in speech sciences and technologies as well as by early-stage researchers or researchers interested in a new domain within the INTERSPEECH areas. An important part of the conference is the tutorials held on the first day of the conference, October 25, 2020. Presented by speakers with extensive expertise in speech technologies, the tutorials will provide their audience with a rich learning experience and an exposure to longstanding research problems, contemporary research topics, and emerging areas.
We encourage proposals for addressing introductory or advanced topics in an introductory style as well as for targeting experienced researchers who want to dig deeper into a new topic.
A tutorial may introduce an emerging area in speech-related research or present an overview of an established area; but it should not focus on the presenter's individual research. Each tutorial should last for three hours.

Proposals should include (in this order)
? Tutorial Title
? Presenter(s): Name, affiliation, contact information (email and telephone)
? 3-4 sentence abstract summarizing the proposed tutorial that could be used for advertisement
? Description of the proposal: 1-2 pages description plus references and any webpages/material useful for reviewing the proposal
? Explanation of relevance of the proposed tutorial (0.5 - 1 page)
? Tutorial logistics, including
     o Duration (3 hours = 1 session)
     o Description of presentation format (e.g. one or more presenters etc.)
     o Special equipment required for the tutorial
     o Choose one option for the distribution of the accompanying material: (1) with a USB stick or (2) with a password-protected download link.
? Presenter information
     o Biography of presenter(s)
     o Key publications of presenter(s) on the tutorial topic
     o List of previous tutorial experience
? Audience information
     o Target audience (e.g., new researchers to the field, research students, specialists of adjacent fields, etc.)
     o Other considerations or comments

Submission procedure
Proposals for INTERSPEECH 2020 tutorials may be no more than 4 pages and must conform to the format stated above; please use clear headings to indicate each point.
Proposals should be submitted by email to by April 3, 2020 and notification of accepted proposals will be given by May 3, 2020.
By submitting a proposal, the presenter(s) understand the ISCA policy of strongly encouraging video-recording of the tutorial for education purposes if the proposal is accepted. Access to recording materials will be given via ISCA Video Archives.
Questions? Please contact

The tutorial chairs
? Zhijian Ou (
? Man-Wai Mak (

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