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Tuesday, July 12, 2011 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-1 (2011-07-07)The 2011 Linguistic Institute , Univ Colorado ,Boulder

The 2011 Linguistic Institute will take place July 7-August 2 on the campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder, with major sponsorship by the Linguistic Society of America and the University of Colorado Department of Linguistics, Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies, College of Arts and Sciences and Graduate School. Membership dues in the Linguistic Society of America help underwrite the planning and implementation of the Institute, while tax-deductible contributions may be directed to funds supporting student fellowships or named professorships.

The theme of the 2011 Linguistic Institute is Language in the World. The Institute focus is on interdisciplinary, empirically based approaches to language that acknowledge its dual nature, as both a real-time interactional strategy and a product of interaction. We are providing a diverse array of courses that emphasize the contributions of data-intensive research to theories of syntax, semantics, pragmatics, morphology, phonetics, phonology and their interactions, and provide training in an array of research tools, including acoustic analysis, psycholinguistic experimentation, ethnography, computational and statistical modeling, corpus analysis and various types of fieldwork.

An Institute focus is the documentation and revitalization of endangered languages, with courses that will survey methodologies and available tools and resources. In addition to offering core linguistics courses, we are offering courses that combine linguistic theory with perspectives derived from psychology, computer science, anthropology and other related disciplines and that apply linguistic theory to practical endeavors like lexicography, natural language processing and language teaching.

Check out The Many Faces of Linguistic Institute 2011!

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