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ISCApad #157

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 by Chris Wellekens

5-1-4 M. Embarki and M. Ennaji, Modern Trends in Arabic Dialectology

Modern Trends in Arabic Dialectology,
M. Embarki & M. Ennaji (eds.), Trenton (USA): The Red Sea Press.

Mohamed Embarki and Moha Ennaji
Part I: Theoretical and Hi storical Perspectives
and Methods in Arabic Di alectology
Chapter 1 : Arabic Dialects: A Discussion
Janet C. E. Watson p. 3
Chapter 2 : The Emergence of Western Arabic: A Likely Consequence of Creolization
Federrico Corriente p. 39
Chapter 3 : Acoustic Cues for the Classification of Arabic Dialects
Mohamed Embarki p. 47
Chapter 4 : Variation and Attitudes:
A Sociolinguistic Analysis of the Qaaf
Maher Bahloul p. 69

Part II : Eastern Arabic Di alects
Chapter 5 : Arabic Bedouin Dialects and their Classification
Judith Rosenhouse p. 97
Chapter 6 : Evolution of Expressive Structures in Egyptian Arabic
Amr Helmy Ibrahim p. 121
Chapter 7 : ?adram? Arabic Lexicon
Abdullah Hassan Al-Saqqaf p. 139

Part III: Western Arabic Di alects
Chapter 8 : Dialectal Variation in Moroccan Arabic
Moha Ennaji p. 171
Chapter 9 : Formation and Evolution of Andalusi Arabic and its
Imprint on Modern Northern Morocco
Ángeles Vicente p. 185
Chapter 10 : The Phonetic Implementation of Falling Pitch Accents
in Dialectal Maltese: A Preliminary Study
of the Intonation of Gozitan ?ebbu?i
Alexandra Vella p. 211
Index p. 239

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