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ISCApad #235

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 by Chris Wellekens

6-50 (2017-12-13) Internship and PhD position at Telecom-ParisTech and LTCI lab, Paris, France


Internship and PhD position in machine learning for multimodal engagement analysis

in human-robot interactions (HRI)




Telecom ParisTech [1],  LTCI lab [2]

Duration:  6-month internship to be continued as 3-year PhD contract
Start: Any date from February 1st, 2018

Salary: according to background and experience



*Position description*


The internship/PhD project will take part in a collaboration between Softbank Robotics and Télécom ParisTech on the topic of engagement analysis in interactions of humans with Softbank?s robots.

The role of the intern/PhD student will consist in developing robust machine learning systems able to effectively take advantage of the multimodal signals acquired by the robot?s sensors during its interaction with a human. The work will include:

- the design of appropriate elicitation protocols and multimodal data acquisition procedures ;

- the development of multimodal feature learning and dynamic classification procedures capable of handling noisy observations with missing values, especially exploiting deep learning techniques ;

- the evaluation of the system in realistic scenarios involving end-users.

The PhD project will be hosted at Telecom ParisTech  department of images, data and signals of [3], jointly by the social computing [4] and the audio data analysis and signal processing [5] teams.

* Candidate profile*


As a minimum requirement, the successful candidate will have:


?    A Master?s degree (possibly to be granted in 2018) in one of the following areas: computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, signal processing, affective computing, applied mathematics

?    Excellent programming skills (preferably in Python)

?    Good command of English


The ideal candidate will also (optionally) have:

?    Knowledge in deep learning techniques


-- More about the position

?    Place of work: Paris, France

?    For more information about Télécom ParisTech see [1]


-- How to apply

Applications are to be sent to Chloé Clavel [6], Giovanna Varni [7] and Slim Essid [8] by email (using <firstname.lastname>


The application should be formatted as a single pdf file and should include:

?    A complete and detailed curriculum vitae

?    A letter of motivation

?    Academic records of the last two years

?    The names and addresses of two referees










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