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ISCApad #235

Wednesday, January 10, 2018 by Chris Wellekens

6-36 (2017-11-15) PHD RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS ( ML/Dialogue/Language/Speech), University of Trento, Italy

Title: 2018 PHD RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS ( ML/Dialogue/Language/Speech)
Location: University of Trento , Italy

You may have enjoyed reading about bots, artificial intelligence, machine learning,
digital assistants, systems that support doctors, teachers, customers and help people.
Then, you would like to consider taking a front row seat and join the research team
that has been training intelligent machines and evaluating AI-based systems
for more than two decades, collaborating with best research labs in the world and
deployed them in the real-world.

Here is a sample of the projects ( ) the Signals
and Interactive Systems Lab (University of Trento, Italy) has been leading:

-Natural Language Understanding systems for massive amount of human language data:

-Amazon Alexa challenge on Conversational Systems:

-Designing AI personal agents for healthcare domain:

We are looking for top-candidates for its funded PhD research fellowships.
Candidates should have background at least in one of the following areas:

- Speech Processing

- Natural Language Understanding

- Conversational Systems

- Machine Learning

Candidates will be working on research domains such as Conversational Agents,
Intelligent Systems, Speech/Text Document Mining and Summarization,
Human Behavior Understanding, Crowd Computing and AI-based systems for tutoring.

For more info on research and projects visit the lab website
Visit lab website at

The SIS Lab research is driven by an interdisciplinary approach to research,
attracting researchers from  disciplines such as Digital Signal Processing,
Speech Processing, Computational Linguistics, Psychology, Neuroscience and
Machine Learning.

The  official language ( research and teaching ) of the department is English.


Gross amount of the fellowships ( internship and PhD ) is competitive and approximately
1.600 Euro/month.
Students may qualify for reduced campus lodging, transportation and cafeteria
reduced rates.

For more information about cost of living, campus, graduate education programs,
please visit the graduate school website at


Immediate openings with start date as early as March 2018.  Open until filled.


Strict requirement is at least Master level degree in Computer Science, Electrical
Engineering, Computational Linguistics or similar or affine disciplines. Students with
other background
(Physics, Applied Math) may apply as well. Background in at least one of the posted
research areas is required. All applicants should have good very programming, math skills
and used to team work.


Interested applicants should send their
1) CV
2) Statement of research interest and
3) three reference letters sent to:


For more info:

Signals and Interactive Systems Lab :

PhD School :

Department :

Information Engineering and Computer Science Department (DISI)

DISI has a strong focus on cross-disciplinarity with professors from different
faculties of the University (Physical Science, Electrical Engineering, Economics,
Social Science, Cognitive Science, Computer Science) with international
background. DISI aims at exploiting the complementary experiences present in the
various research areas in order to develop innovative methods, technologies and

University of Trento

The University of Trento is consistently ranked as premiere Italian university

University of Trento is an equal opportunity employer.

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