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Wednesday, January 10, 2018 by Chris Wellekens

6-13 (2017-09-14) Post-doctoral position in NLP at Loria, Nancy, France

Post-doctoral position in NLP

Loria a computer science lab in Nancy - France, has 12 months funded full-time post-Doctoral researcher position starting on October 2017. The post-doctoral position is funded by AMIS (Access Multilingual Information OpinionS), a Chist-Era project (
The topic of the post-doc is the automatic comparison of multilingual opinions in videos. Two videos in two different languages concerning the same topic have to be compared. One of the video is summarized and translated to the language of the second one. This last one is summarized and then the opinions of the two original videos are compared in terms of emotional labels such as: anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise... They should be compared also in terms of basic sentiments.
Social network will be used in order to reinforce the analysis of the contents in terms of opinions and sentiments.
AMIS group will make available the summary of videos in terms of text. The candidate will work on NLP, but skills in video analysis will be appreciated.
The applicant will contribute also to other tasks in collaboration with other partners of AMIS project. The successful candidate will join the SMarT research team, he will be supervised by Prof. Kamel Smaïli, Dr D. Langlois and Dr D. Jouvet. The applicant will work also with Dr O. Mella and Dr D. Fohr.
Location: Loria - Nancy (France)  Duration: October 2017 – September 2018  Net salary: from 1800 Euros to 2400 Euros per month.
The ideal applicant should have:

A PhD in NLP, opinion and sentiment mining or other strongly related discipline.

A very solid background in statistical machine learning.

Strong publications.        

Solid programming skills to conduct experiments.        

Excellent level in English. 

Applicants should send to 

A CV        

A cover letter outlining the motivation       

Three most representative papers 

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