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ISCApad #231

Sunday, September 10, 2017 by Chris Wellekens

6-29 (2017-07-31) Postdoctoral researcher in Cryptography, Intelligent Voice Ltd, London City, UK

Intelligent Voice Ltd, London City, UK
Postdoctoral researcher in Cryptography

In the framework of a H2020 program of the European Commission, Intelligent Voice Ltd is receiving financial support to hire a postdoctoral researcher for one year on the following topic :

The cloud offers an ideal opportunity for storing large volumes of data. However, the storage of sensitive data such as speech in plain text format on the cloud is not permitted in many industry sectors such as finance, health care etc. Hence speech data should be encrypted before storage on the cloud, and because it contains biometric identifiers it must remain encrypted. The challenge then is to search over large amounts of encrypted speech and return encrypted search results that can be decrypted by the user only. Intelligent Voice are providers of the world's fastest speech to text engine, and we are looking for a talented researcher in semantic security and searchable encryption to join our research team. This post builds on existing research within Intelligent Voice on Searchable and Homomorphic cryptographic protocols for speech processing.

Applicants should have already completed, or be close to completing, a PhD in computer science, mathematics, or a related discipline. Applicants should have an excellent research track record demonstrated by publications at major cryptography/security venues, and should have significant experience in the design and deployment of cryptographic protocols.

To apply please send your CV (with publication list), a 1-page cover letter, and the names of at least two people who can provide reference letters (e-mail).

Contact: Gérard Chollet, Head of Research, Intelligent Voice Ltd

St Clare House, 30-33 Minories, London EC3N 1BP


Phone: +44 20 3627 2670

More Information:

Closing Date for Applications: 2017-08-31



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