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ISCApad #231

Sunday, September 10, 2017 by Chris Wellekens

5-2-21 Press release: Opening of the ELRA License Wizard

Press Release - Immediate - Paris, France, April 2, 2015

Opening of the ELRA License Wizard

ELRA announces the opening of the License Wizard @

ELRA  is deploying a License Wizard to:

  • support the right-holders in finding the appropriate licenses under which to share/distribute their Language Resources, and
  • clarify the legal obligations applicable in various licensing situations.

Currently, the License Wizard allows the user to choose among several licenses that exist for the use of Language Resources: ELRA, Creative Commons and META-SHARE.
More will be added.

The License Wizard works as a web configurator that helps Right Holders/Users:

- to select a number of legal features and obtain the user license adapted to their selection.
- to define which user licenses they would like to select in order to distribute their Language Resources.
- to integrate the user license terms into a Distribution Agreement that could be proposed to ELRA or META-SHARE  for further distribution through the ELRA Catalogue of Language Resources (

From the very beginning, ELRA has come across all types of legal issues that arise when exchanging and sharing Language Resources. The association has devoted huge efforts to streamline the licensing processes while continuously monitoring the impacts of regulation changes on the HLT community activities. The first major step was to come up with a few licenses for both the research and the industrial sectors to use the resources available within the ELRA catalogue. Recently, its strong involvement in the META-SHARE infrastructure led to designing and drafting a small set of licenses, inspired by the ELRA licenses but also accounting for the new trends of permissive licenses and free resources, represented in particular by the Creative Commons.

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