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Friday, April 22, 2011 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-27 (2011-09-05) GESPIN2011 Gesture and Speech in Interaction Bielefeld GE
Gesture and Speech in Interaction
 5 - 7 September, 2011
 Universität Bielefeld

First call for papers

After the ?rst successful conference on Gesture and Speech in
Interaction 2009 in Poznan, we have the pleasure to
announce that the next GESPIN will take place in Bielefeld, 5-7 Sep
2011. The conference is jointly organised by
several institutions at Bielefeld University, Germany and Adam
Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland.

With this conference we would like to promote interdisciplinary
perspectives that facilitate an efficient understanding
of the complexity of multimodal communication. We would like to invite
linguists, phoneticians, speech technologists,
computer and cognitive scientists as well as researchers from all
other ?elds who share an interest in speech and
gesture interfaces to participate in the GESPIN conference.

Papers on all topics related to speech and gesture are welcome.
However this year, we especially invite papers
that address prosody and gesture, i.e. timing relations between
gesture and prosody, gestural prosody, integration
of prosody and gesture, prosody and gesture acquisition using the
following methodological foci:

 1. theory building and empirical investigations
 2. modeling of gesture and speech
 3. tools for an integrative analysis of speech and gesture corpora
 4. systems for gesture and speech annotation
 5. neurophysiological and neurobehavioural speech and gesture research
 6. as well as: automatic speech and gesture recognition and synthesis
system demos.

We also plan to accept tutorial and special session proposals.

Conference proceedings will include a selection of accepted papers and
be published on a CD. The possibility of
publishing extended versions of conference papers in an edited
collection or a special issue of a journal is being

Planned dates:
   Call for special sessions and tutorials: January 2011
   Deadline for special sessions and tutorials: April 2011
   Deadline for full papers: May 31st, 2011
   Acceptance/rejection: July 15th, 2011
   Early registration July 30th, 2011
   Conference: September 5th - 7th, 2011

Con?rmed invited speakers:
   Marianne Gullberg (Lund University, Sweden)
   Stefan Kopp (Bielefeld University)
   Jan de Ruiter (Bielefeld University)
   Marc Swerts (Tilburg University, the Netherlands)

Organising Committees:
Program Committee
   Stefan Kopp (CITEC; SFB 673; Bielefeld University)
   Katharina J. Rohl?ng (CITEC; Bielefeld University)
   Jan de Ruiter (CITEC; SFB 673; Bielefeld University)
   Petra Wagner (CITEC; SFB 673; Bielefeld University)
   Maciej Karpinski (CSLP AMU; Institute of Linguistics, AMU, Poznan)

Local Organising Committee
   Petra Wagner
   Zo?a Malisz (conference secretary)
   Alexandra Kenter (conference secretary)
   Carolin Kirchhof (conference secretary)
   Konrad Juszczyk (webmaster, CSLP AMU)
   Hendrik Hasenbein (webmaster, Bielefeld University)

Participating Institutions:

Bielefeld, Germany
   Universität Bielefeld
   Center for Interdisciplinary Science (ZiF), Bielefeld University
   Cognitive Interaction Technology - Center of Excellence (CITEC),
   Bielefeld University
   CRC 673 Alignment in Communication (SFB 673), Bielefeld University

Poznan, Poland
   Centre for Speech and Language Processing (CSLP), Adam Mickiewicz University

Bielefeld, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany,
General enquiries:

Prof. Dr. Petra Wagner
Fakultät für Linguistik und Literaturwissenschaft
Universität Bielefeld
Postfach 10 01 31
33501 Bielefeld
Tel.: +49 521 106-3510
Fax: +49 521 106-2996 

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