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Monday, April 11, 2016 by Chris Wellekens

3-3-25 (2016-07-18) Summer Workshop eNTERFACE'16, Enschede, the Netherlands
Call for Participation eNTERFACE'16
University of Twente, DesignLab, Enschede, the Netherlands, 18 July - 12 Aug 2016
The Human Media Interaction group (HMI), University of Twente (Enschede, the Netherlands) invites researchers from all over the world to join eNTERFACE'16,  the 12th one-month Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces. During this workshop, senior project leaders, researchers, and students gather in one single place to work in teams on pre-specified challenges for 4 weeks long. Each team has a project defined and will address specific challenges. The list of projects that participants can choose from can be found here and in more detail on the website
- A smell communication interface for affective systems (Adrian David Cheok, Emma Yann Zhang)
- CARAMILLA: Combining Language Learning and Conversation in a Relational Agent (Nick Campbell, Benjamin R. Cowan, Emer Gilmartin, Ketong Su)
- Collaborative serious gaming in augmented reality for motor function assessment (Marina Cidota, Stephan Lukosch)
- Development of low-cost portable hand exoskeleton for assistive and rehabilitation purposes (Matteo Bianchi, Francesco Fanelli)
- Embodied conversational interfaces for the elderly user (Marieke Peeters, Mark Neerincx)
- Heterogeneous Multi-Modal Mixing for Fluent Multi-Party Human-Robot Interaction (Dennis Reidsma, Daniel Davison, Edwin Dertien)
- MOVACP: Monitoring computer Vision Applications in Cloud Platforms (Sidi Ahmed Mahmoudi, Fabian Lecron)
- SCE in HMI: Social Communicative Events in Human Machine Interactions (Hüseyin Çakmak, Kevin El Haddad)
- The Roberta IRONSIDE project: A dialog capable humanoid personal assistant in a wheelchair for dependent persons (Hugues Sansen, Maria Inés Torres, Kristiina Jokinen, Gérard Chollet, Dijana Petrovska-Delacretaz, Atta Badii, Stephan Schlögl, Nick Campbell)
- The Virtual Human Journalist (Michel Valstar)
If you are a senior/junior researcher or a PhD/Master student working on similar topics and you want to collaborate in (at least) one of these projects, please submit your application (pdf) before 1st of April 2016 to Your application should contain the following information:
1. A short CV.
2. A list of max. 3 preferred projects to work on. 
3. A short motivation and list of skills that you can offer to each of your projects selected.
4. It is expected that participants will attend the full workshop, i.e. for 4 weeks. However, we understand that this may not be possible for everyone. If you are not able to attend for the full 4 weeks, please indicate what days/weeks you will attend the workshop.
The project leaders will select their team members among the applicants. We will try to make sure that each participant can participate in their most preferred project. This partly depends on the number of available free spots in the team and the skills as requested by the project leaders.
The workshop attendance is free of charge but participants must fund their own travel, accommodation, and living expenses. More information about accommodation can be found on the eNTERFACE'16 website.
Important dates
1 April 2016 Call for participation is closed
10 April 2016 Teams are organized, notifications are sent to participants
18 July ? 12 August 2016: eNTERFACE'16 Workshop
Khiet Truong k dot p dot truong at utwente dot nl
Khiet Truong, Dennis Reidsma, Dirk Heylen, Vanessa Evers
Human Media Interaction, University of Twente

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