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ISCApad #214

Monday, April 11, 2016 by Chris Wellekens

6-18 (2016-01-08) Software/research engineer at LIMSI, Orsay, France

LIMSI ( is looking for a software/research engineer to work on the
design and development of new features for the CAMOMILE platform.

The CAMOMILE platform provides a REST API backend to support collaborative
annotation of multimedia documents. It has been successfully used for the
organization in 2015 of the MediaEval 'Person Discovery' challenge [1].

Features that need to be improved or added to the CAMOMILE platform includes:
- user authentication (currently based on cookies)
- real-time collaboration (e.g. using
- metadata validation (e.g. using ValidateJS)
- interface between CAMOMILE and Amazon Mechanical Turk crowd-sourcing platform

This list is not exhaustive and the candidates is expected to be pro-active
in the choice of new features to implement and of the selected technology.

Applicants should be experienced in Node.js + MongoDB architecture. Python
proficiency is an asset as both Javascript and Python clients will need to be
kept synchronized with the CAMOMILE REST API.

The engineer will also support the organization of the 2016 edition of the
MediaEval 'Person Discovery' challenge, in particular through the design of
web front-end for registration, leaderboard, collaborative annotation of video
segments (see [1] for more details).

Candidates should send CV and motivation letter.
For more details on the position, please contact us.

Employer: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Location: Orsay, France
Contract: 6 to 12 months contract (CDD), starting as soon as possible
Salary: between 24 k? and 35 k? gross yearly salary, depending on diplomas and experience
Contact: Hervé Bredin,


Hervé Bredin

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